The new Earth and the New World Order

I was so proud of OUR president Donald Trump. The United Nations was in on agenda 21 wanting to cull the herd and murder billions of people under the guise of sustainability. He had the courage to stand before the criminals among them and say, ”

“There will be no new world order.” Most of us will ask what is that?

One of the best sources for truth is, The Marshall Report. BUT to understand one must go down the rabbit hole. Well I symbolically took the red pill and found myself waking up to what has been happening on this planet for decades.

Basically, it goes like this, the Universe is connected to other universes in the multi-verse and to the Creator. Perhaps some sort of advanced technology was used to create this beautiful planet. Then life burst forth of all kinds some being here from the beginning and some being brought here by what we call extra terrestrial from all over the universe.

At some point, 22 races of advanced beings used there ability to adjust our dna to make us better slaves to work in mines ect. They made us smart and taught us to read and write. At some point we said now wait a minute, we have rights. Then evolution created 6 trillion people on this planet over time. And that’s where we are today. Except the lack of transparency and secrets the controllers of the narrative used were lies 80 percent of the time mixed with 20% truth for thousands and thousands of years. This is dumbing humans down and causing endless suffering and confusion. Add to this the inequality and greed of 1% elitest who hoard more money than the rest of the 99% of the world put together. If anyone on this planet starves to death or has no home its because of them. The middle class has been used and used to line thieves pockets until now the middle class are becoming poor. This is where the new world order and agenda 21 try to hijack the globe so that one tyrannical megalomaniac leader or group can rule and control the entire world. The united nations has been corrupted and is behind the nefarious agenda.

Therefore, we must get out of the United Nations and dissolve any other groups put in place by criminal leaders from the past. Otherwise, there will be no freedom which is what America is based on.

We are entering a new age the age of Aquarius. The entire vibratory frequency has risen substantially and people all over the planet have come together in prayer and meditation to make this happen. We are all part of the same being. The earth is a sentient, organic entity in her own right and we are connected to her as a mother to her child. She is a nurturing loving entity ascending to 5d. With this knowledge we will surely stop drilling for oil and creating pipelines which harm our mother Gaia.

Suppressed technology, zero point energy and medical cures must be released. We must come to terms with the fact that there are as many different lifeforms as stars in the midnight skies. The people are ready for disclosure as long as we begin with the benevolent heart based entities first. Ninety-nine % of the Archon have been removed from the planet. We now for the first time have a real chance for true freedom, equality and peace. All the major problems can be solved and the New golden age can truly begin. Let it be so.